Tow Tractor
Tow Tractor TWP-TOW

Tow Tractor


The top brand of Material Handling Equipment in Korea,
TOVICA is a professional brand of cargo carriers which are produced by using only Korean technology.

Used for lifting and tracting the front/rear wheels
or vehicle body at an auto repair shop.
  • Vehicle moving for all sedan, RV, SUV and 1-ton truck
Patent for vehicle towing device (Patent No 10-1519473)
Patent for vehicle towing device (Patent No 10-1519473)
  • 360 Degree free rotation road wheel
  • Easy to change direction during towing vehicle.
Folding type for tire fixing holder
Folding type for tire fixing holder
Operation of the device
Operation of the device


Model TWP2000-TOW
1 Load Capacity(Load capacity of axle of loadwheel) kg 1700
2 Tractive force kg 3400
3 Fork Table Height(Max./Min.) mm 230 / 135
4 Travel Speed (laden/unladen) km/h 5.3 / 5.4
5 Minimum Turning Radius mm 2438
6 Gradeability (laden) %(deg) 6(3.5˚)
7 Overall Length((Handle Upside) mm 2542
8 Overall Width(Tire holder folding/unfolding) mm 1110 / 1892
9 Overall Height (Handle Upside) mm 1278
10 Wheel Base mm 2260
11 Drive wheel(DxT) mm ø230 x 70
12 Load wheel(DxT) mm ø83 x 60
13 Service Weight (Including Battery) kg 790
14 Drive Motors Motor type AC 1.5kW
15 Control - MOSFET, Inverter
16 Hyd. Motors Motor type DC 2.2kW
17 Control - Magnetic Relay
18 Battery Input Capacity V/Ah 24V, 135Ah / 5Hr
19 Charger(external) Input Capacity - AC single stage 220V, 60Hz