Electric Pallet Truck
Electric Pallet Stacker WPX2000H

Electric Pallet Stacker


The top brand of Material Handling Equipment in Korea, TOVICA guarantees our clients the quality.

Motor System with AC Curtis controller With Small Turning Radius low overall Height(1.08-1.38m),
it allows carrying two pallets at a time and is widely used in warehouses
and small stores with small storage racks.
  • Combination of pallet truck and staker (Max Fork Height 1600mm)
  • Capable of carrying 2 pallets at once
  • Safety and efficiency

    - Equipped pressure-compensated relief valve to protect the product from overpressure and enhance safety.
    - Multiphase speed control and low speed switch
    - Combination of Electric Pallet Truck and Electric Fork Stacker
    - (Multi-functional product that moves pallet after unloading and allows 2stage loading.)
    - Capable of carrying 2 pallets at once(with pallets less than 1ton)

  • Structure

    - Adjustable Balance Wheel assures abrasion resistance and stability
    - Equipped stable rail for lifting/lowering

  • Maintenance

    - Minimizing wiring complexity with CAN(Controller Area Network)
    - Reducing components and allowing for more up-time by applying hall effect throttle control system
    - Balance Wheels allows disassembly available and efficient maintenance
    - Easy maintenance and repair with modular electrical components

Devices for workplace safety
1. Emergency Stop Switch
Cut off all source of electrical energy to the equipment in case of emergency
2. Belly Switch
- Located in tiller head, Operating the emergency stop when moving forward
- Emergency reversing when getting caught in some part of forklift during reverse


Model WPX2000H
1 Motor - AC
2 Load Capacity Wheel arm lifting kg 2000
3 Mast lifting kg 1000
4 Fork Operation Height (Max/Min) Wheel arm lifting mm 120 / 90
5 Mast lifting mm 1600 / 90
6 Travel Speed (laden/unladen) km/h 4.5 / 5.2
7 Minimum Turning Radius mm 1705
8 Overall Length / Overall Width /Overall Height (Handle Upside) mm 1925 / 775 / 1230
9 Fork (L x W x T) mm 180 / 1100 / 650
10 Service Weight kg 950
11 Battery Input Capacity V/Ah 24V / 210Ah