Motor System of AC Curtis controller
Electric Pallet Truck WPX1500

Electric Pallet Truck


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Motor System of AC Curtis controller
  • Minimum Turning Radius(1347mm)
  • DC brushless motor , permanent magnets / High efficiency motor
    (It doesn't require replacement costs for brushes like AC Motor )
  • No need refilling distilled water due to full sealed batteries.
  • Applied high capacity batteries with 24V/80AH suitable for industrial purpose.
  • Max. speed limit button can release brake when handle upright,
    reduce turning space greatly.
  • Floating balance wheel supports automatic height-adjusting to prevent unstable loading during descending.
  • Built-in Charger ( No need setting apart charger )
Devices for workplace safety
1. Emergency Stop Switch
Cut off all source of electrical energy to the equipment in case of emergency
2. Belly Switch
- Located in tiller head, Operating the emergency stop when moving forward
- Emergency reversing when getting caught in some part of forklift during reverse


Model WPX1500
1 Motor - DC(No brushes)
2 Load Capacity kg 1500
3 Fork Operation Height (Max/Min) mm 190 / 85
4 Travel Speed (laden/unladen) km/h 5.3 / 5.8
5 Minimum Turning Radius mm 1347
6 Overall Length / Overall Width /Overall Height (Handle Upside) mm 1525 / 685 / 1310
7 Fork (L x W x T) mm 160 / 1150 / 685
8 Service Weight kg 200
9 Battery Input Capacity V/Ah 24V / 80Ah